What’s a Pied-a-terre?

What’s a Pied-a-terre? 

Pied-a-terre is a French word that translates to “a foot on the ground” and is used as a real estate jargon. A pied-a-terre is a small living unit like an apartment, and…

How to break your lease in nyc
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How to Break Your Lease in NYC 

There are countless reasons why people have to relocate from one apartment to another. In many cases, people have to move to different cities or states for family, business, study-related matters, and…

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How to Recycle in NYC: Simple Guide 

Recycling waste materials is generally good regardless of where you live, but sometimes what you think is recyclable and therefore throw into the garbage bin may instead do more harm than good…

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What’s a No-Fee Apartment? 

While navigating through apartment listings, you may come across the term “no-fee” and wonder, “What’s a no-fee apartment?” The term itself can be confusing, as it can either elicit joy or fear…

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