A great way to eat healthy is to shop healthy. The USDA says that shopping at farmers markets come with all sorts of benefits including access to freshly picked fruits and vegetables, foods that align with MyPlate guidelines, and friendly recipe/recommendations from farmers. Such markets are also kid-friendly and therefore educational as well. Let us not forget that many NYC farmers markets are easily accessible regardless of where you live in the city. Here are some of the most popular:


Arguably the best NYC farmers market all around, the Union Square Greenmarket has become a regular shopping center for top chefs in the city. It is open all year round so that you always have access to fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, cheese, and wine too. There are cooking demonstrations and other fun activities on regular basis.


It is the only open-air farmers market in New York City. You are spoiled with more than 100 options of local fresh products including herbs, plants, and flowers in addition to fruits and vegetables. Most (if not all) are at great prices and also available in wholesale quantities. The vast majority of products in Wholesale Greenmarket are freshly harvested (24 hours or less) before they are brought to the market.

nyc farmers market


Grand Army Plaza Market comes close to Union Square Greenmarket in terms of both size and products variety. The groceries arrive every Saturday all year round not only from New York farmers but also from those in Connecticut and New Jersey. You can also find plenty of baked goods from Bread Alone and Baker’s Bounty bakeries in this open-air market.


Situated among a plethora of shops and stores, Corona Greenmarket is among the most diverse markets in NYC when it comes to product variety and buyer categories. Instead of just shopping for fresh produce, you can also take your kids to have fun with family-friendly activities in the location. Another plus, the market also has a lot of herbs and vegetables of Mexican origin.

Some markets are open year-round, while others are available only on specific dates of certain months. As the demand for fresh groceries grows, you can expect with certainty that more NYC farmers markets will open all around the city.

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