Whether you are a student, worker or parent, there’s bound to come that time when you want it all peaceful and quiet to bury your eyes in a book. Well, it’s not a downside, but New York can be quite noisy. So, if you want that serene, tranquil, and cozy environment that will help you summon the long-awaited and direly-needed studying juices. From fancy spots to magnificent libraries and up-to-par gardens, here are the best places to study in NYC.

Tompkins Square Park

This place is ideal for reading because it’s surrounded by cafes and restaurants from where you can buy bites to keep your mouth busy. It’s best to just pick up a bagel at Tompkins Square Bagels, alongside some coffee at Ninth Street Espresso. Get these, perch on a bench and turn it into a makeshift study zone, canopied by trees in what is a relatively small park. Even on a sunny and busy day, you’re bound to enjoy some cool and quiet time reading that mystery novel.

ABC Beer Co

If you are the kind of reader who loves to have a beer within arm’s reach, this spot in Alphabet City is one you should definitely try. AT ABC Beer Co., it’s all about comfy leather chairs and dim light, all of which work together to afford you a place away from home. Particularly if you want to read after a long day, it’s best to head there in the early evening on a weekday. This is because at night on weekends, the location can get pretty busy and loud, thanks to the TGIF enthusiasts.

Cafe Minerva

In West Village is another ideal spot to glue your eyes to your books. What’s attractive about this place is not just that there’s free Wi-Fi, but that most of the clientele are also around to study during the day. The cafe has a lowkey trendy feel, while the food and beverages are sure to make you come next time. Going to Cafe Minerva, you may want to consider whether it is reading, studying, researching or staying you are going to do. Also, know how long you are staying and decide on whether you will eat there. Whatever the options, any location will fit the bill.

The Drama Bookshop

If you have ever heard Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda lauds this place so much, there is a big reason to it. The Drama Bookshop bagged the Tony in 2011, becoming one of the first few bookshops to attain such an achievement. It’s such a fantastic destination for theatre fans and performers alike. But more importantly, there are plenty of spots here to hide and read your favorite plays. Also, if you need to study for your Theatre Appreciation final, this is one of the best places to go fill your brain with some Shakespeare.

The New York Public Library

So, finally, we’re down to the place made for intensive studying. Manhattan has a long list of libraries, and chic ones at that. But NYPL is hands down the best because of its gigantic size and its offering of various amenities. At this library, there are more spots to sit that you can count, save the breathtaking architecture that will distract you if you’re not careful. Plenty of space, sunlight, great resources, and free Wi-Fi – come on, that’s enough, Score.


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