The benefits you’re bound to get from running just ten minutes cannot be exhausted in an entire ebook. From burning calories to improving heart rate, moving that body at a definite or indefinite speed generally helps you stay fit and smart. The problem sometimes, is where to run. In a place such as New York City, runners tend to be selective, as not everywhere is suitable to do such exercise, especially to avoid bumping into people and having to bump into moving vehicles. So, here are five of the best places to run in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge

It’s 2.9 miles, more than enough distance for some people. To get the best running workout, be the early bird, hit the road and dash at a checkered pace across this architectural icon called Brooklyn Bridge. Running towards the west, you will come across the metallic complexions Manhattan has to offer, and see the peaky skyscrapers being kissed by the golden sunset during the famous enchanting hour. Towards the east, you won’t miss the landmark Watchtower sign, even as the bridge momentarily swallows you whole.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Step off the subway and garner some minutes’ glimpse of the Citi Field. Get rid of the stress and tightness on those limbs of yours for 4.2 miles. If you can, jog down the boardwalk to the abode of Arthur Ashe Stadium to feed your eyes with some incredible tennis. Also, you get to see the Queens Museum and the New State Pavillion. When you’re done orbiting the seemingly unnerving Unisphere, round the run off by circuiting round the Meadow Lake. Don’t miss lathering up with SPF, since the path is blessed with plenty of sunshine.

Van Cortlandt Park

If you want to not remember you are in Manhattan, it’s easy to make it happen by trekking uptown to the rails of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. There’s not a single skyscraper to see, and you can wade through speedy sprints on the park’s 400-meter track. You can also summon your inner relentless impala or cheetah by jogging along the available cross country trials inside the unruly urbanistic forest. This park umbrellas 1,146 acres as well as more than 14 miles of trails for your workout exploration. What’s more? Get to see a house where George Washington actually crashed in. So lace those sneakers up and hit the road as early a possible.

Hudson River Park

This one goes out as a Mecca for the fitness buffs, something you will no doubt see. You will also run or jog past those who just like taking their activity outdoors. Looking forward to having a workout buddy? Well, you’ll find someone to hold your feet during crunches, making Hudson River Park an awesome idea to mileage in. Taking on the pedestrian path parallel to the Hudson River, you can get motivated by the other buzzes going on around, including kayaking, paddle boarding, recreational sports, and even outdoor boot camp classes.

Battery Park

The name already precedes it – somewhere you can go get some human juice. Battery Park is a place where you will find other runners cyclists and oodles of tourist, especially if you choose to run at Manhattan’s southern tip. Move by the gunshot at the Staten Island Ferry, head south to see the Statue of Liberty from across the water, and continue up the Battery Park City Esplanade where’ll your run by public attractions include the Ape and Cat at a Dance.


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