Deciding whether to live in a dormitory (dorms) or an off-campus rental home is often as dizzying as choosing which college to attend. Many new college students struggle with this decision because of the pros and cons that come with either option. Before you make your decision to live in either an apartment or dorm, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both options.


First and foremost, an apartment is almost a personal property. You probably don’t own the building, but you pay for your space and therefore have rights to your rented residence. Whether or you plan to share it with someone or reside in it alone, an apartment generally offers a much more flexible living situation, although it has its disadvantages as well.

Apartment or Dorm pros and cons


Despite all the disadvantages, renting an apartment off-campus is generally the more appealing option since it offers much more privacy and freedom. In addition, there are fewer noises or disturbances during the busy hours (once again, it depends on the building and location) and you have the freedom to have company without worrying about lurking RAs (room assistants).


Living in a dorm means you are always in close proximity to campus life. Sometimes it can be too restrictive, but it definitely has its benefits for those who want less responsibility outside of the classroom.

Apartment or Dorm pros and cons


In general, the biggest differences are space and privacy. Cost is also a big factor in the decision-making process, but a cheaper apartment rent is balanced out by the needs to purchase your own furniture and utilities. With that in mind, it is wise to think about how much space and privacy you want before deciding to live in an apartment or dorm. Your decision can certainly affect your college life and comfort for quite a long time, so please choose wisely.


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